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Read my review before you get anything from Proctor Gallagher Institute by Bob Proctor.

What is Proctor Gallagher Institute ?

Proctor Gallagher Institute provide coaching programs seminar to bringing out the best of people  and in helping them to harmonize with the Law of the Universe that govern manifestation and abundance to achieve success and wealth in their life.Proctor Gallagher Institute run by to great successful people Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher.Sandy Gallagher is CEO and Co-Founder at Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Who is Bob Proctor ?

bob proctor books

Bob Proctor is widely viewed as one of the world’s foremost coaching experts and a well known expert on the topic of getting rich. His courses present solid information on how to tap into their full capacity in each and every area of life, and many of his most excellent teachings are based on “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Bob has over 40 years of knowledge in implementing and designing manifestation programs, and in leading others to wealth, prosperity, better loving relationships and elevated spirituality.
Bob Proctor wiki he was born July 5, 1934.In 1961, Bob Proctor started studying “Think and Grow Rich” and it completely transformed his life in addition to studying the book. Bob listened to Earl Nightingale’s compressed recording of the book thousands of time.

Bob has studied thousands of books, continues to read “Think and Grow Rich” every day, and is thought of the world’s leading professional on the human mind.

Bob Proctor is the author or several best selling book.Below is list of some Bob Proctor books which you can download and read in Pdf form

  1. You Were Born Rich: Now You Can Discover And Develop Those Riches
  2. The Art of Living
  3. The ABCs of Success: The Essential Principles from America’s Greatest Prosperity Teacher
  4. Thoughts Are Things: Turning Your Ideas Into Realities
  5. It’s Not About the Money

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Proctor Gallagher Institute Review

There are many programs comes under Proctor Gallagher Institute coaching.Here you will learn about some of well known Programs and courses.

 Proctor Gallagher Streaming Club

Streaming Club is a great way to start with Proctor Gallagher Institute coaching.The Streaming Club is a rare and special change to join Bob Proctor and special guests regularly and  You will also gain access to our their Stream events. This training session will cover relevant subjects, studies from classic personal growth textbooks and LIVE question and answer session with them.

Features of Proctor Gallagher Streaming Club

LIVE Calls

You’ll be able to look forward to two LIVE phone calls per month with Bob, Sandy and/or their Inner Circle and special guests. On these calls, you aren’t an observer – you’re actively participating in creating your dream life. You’ll have a chance to get your most pressing questions responded to and soak in decades of experience and expertise.

Event LIVE Stream Tickets

The Proctor Gallagher Institute has a handful of 3 day, public events every year – and as an active Streaming Club member you’ll receive complimentary tickets to each and every single LIVE Stream. Plus, expanded accessibility to the replay – an extra 30 days!


To accomplish the life of your dreams, you need the right surrounding. You’ll be invited to a private Facebook group just for our Streaming Club members. You’ll be able to make life-long connections with this highly effective, expanding network. Plus, this is where PGI lets you in on early bird very special and VIP information.

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6 Minutes to Success

Six Minutes to Success is a really special membership program where you’ll receive a short video in your inbox each and every morning. The video is developed to obtain you taking and thinking action throughout the day as you achieve your most significant and boldest goals.

The way it works is that you get a short video emailed to you every morning. The video teaches and encourages you to take inspired action throughout the day. Viewing these everyday videos will help you get the best frame of mind for accomplishing your objectives. Try it yourself– you will be amazed by how each video talks precisely about what you need at that particular time.


Paradigm Shift Seminar by Bob Proctor

With this program you will be able to Join The Live Stream Event From Anywhere On Any Device! Bob Proctor And Sandy Gallagher Help You Discover How You Can Transform Your Finances, Health And Lifestyle When You Change Your Mental Programming.

At the Paradigm Shift Workshop, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher will share how you can change your finances, health and way of life when you change your mental shows your paradigm.

This workshop synthesizes the teaching, application and research study to describe exactly what paradigms are, how they direct every move you make, ways to determine your paradigms– and most significantly how to make a Paradigm Shift.They will zero in on the best ways to replace a paradigm that doesn’t serve you well with a new one that frees you to produce the life you really want.
Bob is of the firm belief that it is certainly paradigms that determine your total lifestyle. If you are not able to adapt to the changing world, you lose out on advantages in life and vice versa. Essentially, you have to modify your belief patterns by favorably altering your paradigms in order to achieve success in every recognized sphere of life.
Bob Proctor carries out seminars on paradigm shift on a regular basis. Through the ways of these workshops, he discusses exactly what paradigm shift suggests and how it impacts your life. Afterwards, Bob goes on to explain methods and methods of altering your paradigm to guarantee that you have the ability to avail incredible growth in your life.

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