Best Automatic Bilge Pump Reviews 2019

A bilge pump is a water pump utilized to eliminate bilge water.Bilge water can be discovered aboard practically every vessel. Depending upon the ship’s style and function, bilge water might include water, oil, urine, cleaning agents, solvents, chemicals, pitch, particles, and other materials.Since fuel can be present in the bilge, electrical bilge pumps are created to not trigger triggers. When the bilge fills to a set level, Electric bilge pumps are typically fitted with float switches which turn on the pump.

Best Automatic Bilge Pump : Comparison Table

Product Weight Price
Attwood Sahara Automatic Boat Bilge Water Pump1.1 pounds
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Seaflo Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump 12v 750gph Auto with Float Switch 1.25 pounds
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Rule 25S-Marine Rule 500 Automatic Marine Bilge Pump
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1. Attwood Automatic Boat Bilge Pump Reviews

Attwood Automatic Boat Bilge Pump

This is great automatic bilge pump from Sahara.This automatic bilge pumps include 36″ lengths of 16-gauge tinned copper wire for best performance.In this pupp Wire is caulked to prevent water from wicking through insulation jacket during working.

It has features like Permanent-magnet motor, stainless steel shaft, and steel-reinforced seal to ensure powerful durable performance in its lifetime.It is a 12 Volts DC Pump.It comes in 500 GPH, 750 GPH and 1100GPH model.

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2. Seaflo Automatic bilge pump Reviews

Seaflo Automatic bilge pump reviews

The Seaflo Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water pump features integrated electronic reed sensing unit to enable totally automated operation. This suggests, the pump begins running instantly as water level boosts and turns itself off when water decreases to its minimum.The pump includes an essential float switch for effective automated operation so no have to utilize a different float switch.In addition, the pump includes an ignition security system to secure it versus a high current.
There’s even a test button at the rear of the pump to evaluate out the float switch. Once again, there’s likewise manual override simply in case. This features great deals of hassle-free functions. It utilizes 12V power and there’s ignition defense to secure it from high current or voltage.


  1. Equipped with built in electronic controlled reed sensor system for easy fully automatic operation.
  2. It is Compact, efficient, long life motor Rustproof and corrosion resistant Stainless steel shaft.
  3. Anti-airlock protection.
  4. Silent and vibrationless operation.
  5. Includes comprehensive user manual with installation instructions and wiring diagram.

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3. Rule Automatic Bilge Pump Reviews

Rule Bilge Pump reviews

The 25S-Marine Rule 500 Automatic Marine Bilge Pump runs instantly by picking up for water, no external switch needed, electronic picking up operation on the concept of impeller resistance.It has More pumping capability and more unique style functions than any similar competitive pump at a lower expense.The Power usage in the monitoring mode is very little Particularly popular on smaller sized craft, Guideline 500 pumps are unequaled in pumping power and durability
The pump is accompanied by 3 years minimal guarantee versus producer’s flaws and bad craftsmanship for your assurance.It has features like 1.9 amp draw; 2.5 amp fuse, 3/4 inch discharge output size.

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4.  Aurelio tech bilge pump Reviews

Aurelio tech bilge pump Reviews

This is another Great Bilge pumps.The AURELIO TECH 12V Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump has Built-in float switch so you do not need separate float switch.The Flow capacity of this pump is  750 Gallons per hour or (2850 Liters per hour).The Maximum delivery head or height of vertical water flow up pipe is 3.8 meters.So it not a bad choice for you boat.


  1. It has built in electronic controlled reed sensor system for automatic operation.
  2. The motor used in this pump is Water cooled, efficient, durable motor.
  3. Anti-airlock protection.
  4. No power use until pump is activated by internal float switch.
  5. It also Includes comprehensive user manual with installation instructions and wiring diagram.
  6. It has Quick release strainer for easy maintenance of pump.

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