Pretty Clever {No. 7} with guest tutorial from Rouge and Whimsey

Hi I’m Erika of Rouge & Whimsy the shop and blog

I am so excited to share my project today! This little DIY accessory was very much inspired by the lovely Krystina who was wearing cute legwarmers when I met her at Blog Sugar. :)

It’s a simple & cheap project and you don’t need much skill or items to put it together!

 You need: a sweater + needle & thread + scissors + details like ribbon, buttons, embroidery thread

I got myself over to Value Village to pick up a $3.99 sweater. When you choose a sweater, pick one with sleeves that feel like they will stretch. I picked out a chunky knit but I was also tempted to grab some patterned sweaters as well.

 Measure your legs to determine how long of leg warmers you want. Add an inch or two to fold over the top. (I cut mine at 13 inches for a shorter leg warmer.)

Measure a one-inch cuff at the end you cut. This will be at the top of your leg. If you do not want the cuff to show, turn the sleeve inside out and then fold it over.

Using a sewing machine, zig-zag stitch along the raw edge. (a zig-zag stitch will prevent fraying.)

If you have a cable-knit sweater, do your best to match the cable stripes up. 

Now it’s time for the fun part. You can add little details to your leg warmers like embroidery thread, ribbon and buttons. I chose a coral embroidery thread and buttons.

All done!

I think you could also do this to make arm warmers too. That may be my next project….

Thanks Krystina for having me!

wow Erika i love it!
ok friends link up your tutorials and then 
go make some leg warmers for your boots! yay!!


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    What a cute idea!! I’m from California but living in Germany and I need to prepare for the cold winter ahead.


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    Hello, visiting from FreckledNest’s giveaway.

    This is awesome, why didn’t I think of it? If I find an old jumper I shall try this as I love wearing leg warmers. :)