What I Love Wednesday {No. 39}

i love thrifting!
ok, so i am pretty new to thrifting.
i tried it a long time ago, but didn’t have the patience.
i have less time now, but more interest.
now i know what i want so that makes it worth while *fingers crossed*

i went through southern san diego beach areas yesterday,
and made the mistake of walking into two antique stores.
while i love almost everything in those stores i just can’t justify the prices.
north county thrift stores here i come.
how about you? do you thrift? what do you look for? where are your favorite places to go?

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font is learning curve :)
have a happy wednesday lovely friends!


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    I do go thrifting, not as often as I would like to, though. I mostly look for vintage clothes, I love that they have a story to them :)

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    I love thrifting too. Love your treasures in all 3 pics. Love, love the afghan, someday I am going to teach myself to make one! Thanks again for another week of hosting the party. Diane

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    I love thrifting, too! And am really jealous of the thrifting opportunities you guys have in North America. I recently went to Canada and was amazed by the variety of stores and the quantity of inexpensive treasure!

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    it's been SO long since i've joined in on this linky party! maybe next week i'll link up : ) i LOVE thrifting. and i LOVE these pics. i want everything in them. we have a super amazing flea market right up the street from us that is HUGE people come from all over to see it and i always find the best things there. it's so cheap and you can always work people down on their prices!!! lol happy wednesday!

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    meep! i love thrifting BUT there are no sweet spots here. on vacation though, we go crazy;) pyrex and linens are what i hunt for the most;)happy wednesday! xo

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    I love thrifting.. u never know what u can find… I try to go once/every few weeks.. and I always land up bringing home something.. so much variety and i love the thrill of not knowing what I'll find when I walk thru the door.. plus there is so much thrifted stuff u can repurpose and make your own! Love thrifting!bonitarose

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    you know i love to thrift. what do i buy? stuff i like! that's my only criteria. if i like it, i get it. find some good thrift shops and hopefully we'll have time to go when we're down there for QBM!!