announcing another new website!

designed by the creative arcade:

archival architecture

i have been scrapbooking for over 15 years and last year i became a scrapbook distributor. i decided i wanted my customers to have an easier way to order. a catalog was out of the question as i carry over 11,000 products which would make for quite a large booster seat catalog! online was the way to go. with some awesome worker bees we have been able to launch Archival Architecture, full of inspiration and easy navigation, and a lovely perspective on paper crafts :)

please take a moment to stop by.

what i love wednesday {No. 131}

i can’t help it.

i love anthropologie.

can you tell?

anthro monogram mug

they are just so spot on.

anthro room anthropologie

photos via anthropologie (the K mug is mine and so is that battered mani)

what are you loving today?


what i love wednesday
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the 2015 weekly planner is here!

printable calendar

i made a weekly planner!

here’s what it includes:

2 pages each week with tasks and goals, menu planning, shopping list, spending tracker, exercise tracker, and a journal. each date has appointments and notes. there is also monthly planning with 2 pages per month and each day is lined! it measures 6.5 X 8.

faux calligraphy and type fonts in black and white.

weekly planner

both the daily and the weekly planners are available for instant download.

here’s how to put it together:

print on your favorite paper – i used 30lb smooth.

make a cover with scrapbook paper.

then get it spiral bound (usually $2-$5) at your local print shop.

printable planner

the scrapbook paper i used is from crate paper and then i added a paper doily :)


what i love wednesday {No. 130}

here are my favorite posts from 2014 – the best of!
it’s what i love wednesday!

file folders DIY with free printable

file folder paperwork organized


family surfboard painting

painting the surfboards

how to synchronize your family’s calendar

family calendars

printable jewel case inserts for your CDs / DVDs

printable CD inserts

mini succulent place settings DIY


studio revamp

studio + workspace

download the 2015 DIY planner!

planner, calendar

link up your favorite posts or what you’re loving :)

happy new year!

what i love wednesday
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elf on the shelf idea
{magic candy cane seeds}

elf on the shelf magic seedsshred red, white, and green construction paper for the “soil” in your paper shredder after cleaning it out.

print out the seed packet from elf on the shelf.

add your sprinkles for the seeds. set out the night before.

elf on the shelf awesome idea!wake up and have your child plant the “seeds”

magically the next day there’s candy cane sprouts!

elf on the shelf awesome idea!

(just little peppermints)

elf on the shelf awesome idea!

then mini candy canes.

magic elf seeds

and finally big candy canes have “grown” in your pot :)

magic elf seeds

yay! happy Christmas to you :)

what i love wednesday {No. 129}

i love snowflakes!
delicate, paper, pretty, intricate, lovely.



here are some free snowflake graphics to download :)
happy day!


click images for link :)

i can’t wait to see what you’re loving today!!!


what i love wednesday
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little gingerbread village

christmas decor

i picked up a gingerbread village kit with 5 gingerbread houses to decorate. perfect for our family of 5! now we can all decorate each house how we want it and get as creative as we like.

gingerbread village

i really enjoyed seeing each family member’s creativity and originality expressed as we shared hot cocoa and Christmas music and the 1 tube of white icing – next year i will pick up extra tubes :)

are you finding time to enjoy the season?



download my new 2015 planner!

2015 is just around the corner. get your day planner instantly and start planning :)2015 day planner calendar to do list


i am receiving orders for this 2015 planner from customers who had this planner for 2014!!

this 8×10 planner is one page per day with 2 page per month layouts. 4 colors rotate for 3 months each; candy peach, aqua, mustard yellow, and raspberry. includes US holidays on month and day.

January 2015 – December 2015

each day has:

  • a to do list
  • appointment slots from 7:00am to 9:00pm
  • an area for household
  • an area to plan meals
  • a place to journal
  • a place to write down something you’re thankful for
  • a place to track exercise
  • a place to track spending
  • a place to track vitamins
  • a place to track water
  • there’s even little weather icons to track the day’s weather

and the months are lined!!

here’s pics from the 2014 planner – 2015 is the same just updated! yay!

planner, calendar
family calendars DSC_0071 DSC_0103


click here for DIY instructions :)

click here to purchase the new 2015 planner 


what i love wednesday {No. 128}

well i love a good idea and i think i have had an epiphany…

no, i’m not going to dye my armpit hair blue! i am not even going to go there… ever. well to each his own – her own, whatever.

anthropology cup and saucer with anchors and succulents

i have decided that wednesdays are national mother’s day off.

at least for me anyway.

as a mother of three busy kids who are very active and involved in sports and a husband who travels for work i am finding myself busy 7 days a week with no time to catch my breath. i have two pre-driving teens in two different high schools and a kindergartener at another school – i am behind the wheel about four hours every day including weekends! then at home i am scrambling to “get it all done” which, let’s be honest moms, it never is is it?!! it is never, ever all done, there is always something. so i have declared wednesday my day off.

i will have to hustle a little more on the other days, but i think knowing that that carrot is waiting for me will give me more motivation to hustle. i will still make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, i will still drive my four hours to get everyone everywhere, but between school drop off and pick up i will relax, catch my breath, make time for reading, journaling, praying, riding my bike, dawdling, spending time with friends, wandering… i will stop to smell the roses for goodness sakes! all the things we want to do, but never have the time. when are we going to have the time? we have to make the time. i do better with a plan and structure – so here it is. easy, right? december – the busiest month of them all. i have to start now or i never will and i have a lot done already for Christmas, so i’m going to take the plunge.

i think it will be better for my mental health, my physical wellbeing, and my creativity!

do you have a designated day off? will you join me? is it possible? what do you think?
if you’re not ready i will let you know if it was the worst idea
ever in the history of smart women or not ;)
it will be another reason to love wednesdays!

i can’t wait to see what you’re loving!


what i love wednesday
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