Mother’s Day Free Printable

i made a chalkboard printable last year and it went so well i thought you might like another ;)

mothers day free printable mothers day printables

one for mom and one for your sweet friends. complete with hand-drawn hearts and arrows :) just click to download.
it prints out quite nicely btw.


i hope you have a very happy Mother’s Day!

what i love wednesday {No. 118}

i love working from home!


there are definitely some not so perfect days but as a mother to 3 this is the best of both worlds for me!

taking care of me

here’s how i do it.

here’s how i stay productive and undistracted.

how about you? do you work from home? what is your best advice? or where do you need help?

i can’t wait to see what you’re loving today!



what i love wednesday
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balance working from home


here’s a day in the life {working from home}

shower and get dressed – this little trick keeps me motivated and working if i don’t do this i quickly get depressed. what? pj’s vs a pair of pants and a shirt, i know i know – but seriously it’s no matter that i am at home and no-one can see me, this is one of the most important things i do. most of the time i shower before bed, so when i get up all i have to do is get dressed.

get outside for a walk once a day for fresh air and vitamin D – check the mail, go out for coffee, walk on the beach… just get outside. this works wonders for rejuvenating me and keeping my working day fresh and energized.

i designate a day or large portion of the day for all house cleaning once a week. by now you’re asking “ok, when does she work?” that’s coming i promise, but these things keep me organized and going. i can’t stand sitting at my desk trying to concentrate when the washer beeps that it is done, now i have to go throw it in the dryer and add another load into the washer. the floors look like they need vacuuming, all the surfaces in the living room are coated in dust, and the pile of dishes in the sink isn’t getting smaller. i am not a neat freak – far from it my husband would tell you. yet, when these things nag at me i can’t concentrate or worse yet i am trying to do them all while working and i end up feeling scattered and it seems like nothing is completely done. so i designate 1 day a week to get all of the major housework done: laundry, vacuuming, dusting, grocery shopping, and organizing. i usually have time to answer emails and do a little work in the late afternoon. it is also a nice break from work and i feel so much better when it’s out of the way and not nagging at me :)

take a real lunch break – i get away from my desk and i don’t take any electronics with me. i take a magazine or book i reheat some left overs from last night’s dinner or make a nice fresh salad and i sit in my dining room and eat and relax.  i allow myself a whole 30 minutes to dilly dally and enjoy a real break, but i usually end up just taking 15 minutes. i allow myself 30 minutes so i don’t feel rushed or STRESSED


  • 6:00 am dressed and breakfast for everyone
  • 7:00 drop children off
  • 8:00 gym
  • 9:00 at my desk to start work
  • 12:30 lunch
  • 1:00 to 3:00 work
  • then i’m off to pick up the children and be a mom

i answer emails in the morning and then i handle my virtual assistant clients. go for a quick walk, then start on web design clients and a little graphic design then i study new code techniques and then keep books and organize invoices. i usually blog at night – this seems to be when the writing flows. at the end of the work day i tidy my desk and make schedule and plan for the next day.

see my post on productivity on how i keep distractions at a minimum and stay productive.

go to bed by 10pm – if i stay up too late i won’t function well the next day. i am a total waste, it’s a lot like sabotage.

how do you work from home? what is your best tip?


what i love wednesday {No. 117}

i love books!

booksi think i have posted books for what i love wednesday more than once…
but i really do love them!!

i could sit here all day!read books

from here and here

can’t wait to see your loves today!

what i love wednesday
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creative tea time at the printed palette!

you know those book clubs that are called “book club” but they are more like a wine club/recipe sharing, gossip night? well creative tea time isn’t like that. it is creative tea time!

creative tea time

i had so much fun!

creative tea time creative tea time creative tea time creative tea time

look at the crafts, food, and friends!

creative tea time

creative tea time

creative tea time creative tea time creative tea time creative tea time creative tea time

creative tea time

so thankful Alissa hosted

creative tea time

of course i had to go home with something from her lovely shop, so i got this…creative tea time

and thanks to the lovely ladies of creative tea time who made it rad!

. . . . . . . . .

btw, happy last day of March and that means it’s newsletter time!

if you haven’t already now is a great time to sign up for my monthly newsletter on the upper righthand side – comes out tomorrow… no foolin ;)


7 smart ways to increase productivity


here are easy ways i increase my productivity daily…

  1. turn off notifications on computer (email, twitter, etc) designate times of day to periodically check email and do social networking. otherwise i find i am scrambling around trying to answer every beck and call.
  2. turn off notifications on phone (email, twitter, etc) all day, everyday, the only sounds my phone makes is for texts and calls. i do have a sound notification for emails from VIP people. the only people in this VIP class are my husband and my CURRENT clients. any projects i am currently actually working actively on have VIP status.
  3. don’t answer every call – that’s what voicemail is for. i answer my phone for current clients, however, i might not answer if my cousin calls to to ask advice on her latest breakup. i am at work. if i was at work out of the home at a business, i would not be ethically allowed to chit chat on the phone; same rules apply  -i. am. at. work.
  4. maximize the screen or window on my computer i am working in, no distractions from other apps, focus on one thing at a time.
  5. take breaks. i have to walk away from my desk about every hour or so. this rejuvenates me to get back to work, it rests my eyes, and stretches my legs. sitting still for a long time is bad for you. just take 5 minutes and it will work miracles :) i also take a good lunch break away from my desk – this is very important and energizing.
  6. make a list of todos. i have to know which way i’m going, my list of what to do every day is my map.
  7. plan. plan ahead for the month and for the week and plan the day ahead of you. it really helps to know events that are coming up so i can plan work and home accordingly. i can’t plan to work at the same time as a cheer banquet i am going to attend.

i use my planner dozens of times a day to write my todos and plan ahead :)
it’s the only thing i’m addicted to!

next week i will share my work from home schedule with you.


DIY organizer caddy

desktop organizerthis is a no brainer.

i just upcycled a silverware caddy from Home Goods and put it on my desk.

silverware caddy

i put pens, pencils, markers, scissors in the 3 silverware compartments and note pads and my iPad mini in the napkin holder! yes! i love it!diy organizer caddy for your desk

i love this because it’s creative and i have items i use several times day within reach while i work.

my desk

how do you organize items on your desk?


what i love wednesday {No. 116}

i am so thrilled i get to go to Creative Tea Time at The Printed Palette!

creative tea time

creative tea time tables

i cannot wait!

creative tea time party

i promise to post all about it next week :)

now what are you loving?

what i love wednesday
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taking care of me

taking care of melife gets in the way.

busy just gets busier.

as a mother of 3 (2 teenage daughters and a preschool son) i always put myself last.

that might sound nice and selfless, but when i put myself last i sacrifice my health and well-being.

then i can’t be the mother and wife i need to be. i can’t do my best and i can’t be all i can be.

i have to make taking care of me a priority.

this is how i take care of me

  • vitamins – i take a multi, vitamin D3, and vitamin E daily.
  • exercise at least 1 hour a day (this is my weakest link, i have been doing 20 minutes a day sometimes i skip days) i need to fix this asap!
  • eating well – good real (not processed) food + tons of water – i now drink about 100 ounces of water a day!

eating right

  • rest 7-9 hours a night. i am in bed by 10pm the latest because i am up at 6am every morning.
  • spending time with friends and family – mental health. this is huge for me, i can easily stay indoors all day working on web sites and drive around to pick up the kids, but never getting out to cultivate friendships. my schedule is super busy but i know it is possible. i have bible study once a week, a moms group once a week – so 2 times a week i have groups of great healthy friendships scheduled!


  • (stop to smell the roses) – stopping to renew and re-energize, beach walks, bike ride, read a book, massage – now don’t those sound fun? they impact my mental health greatly and definitely renew!
  • constantly learning learning tools for life as well as continuing to learn for my business. i have a natural love for learning. i constantly look for ways to improve my life, my family’s life and become a better person. i have to constantly learn about the ever changing field of web design and it is so fun. these things make me grow and i feel purposeful, fulfilled, and happy :)

when i don’t do these things everything suffers, me, my health, my family, my business…

i equate taking care of myself to the oxygen mask on the airplane: “first place the oxygen mask on yourself, then place it on your child.” because you might just pass out while trying to put on your child’s oxygen mask if you don’t take care of yourself first!

what do you need to do to take care of yourself? what are you missing?